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Medical Robotics

The Robotic Leg Advancement Device (R-LAD)


Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

(In-Patient Gait Training)

The Problem

Stroke is the leading cause of disability in the U.S. and other developed nations. There are almost 800,000 new cases of stroke annually in the U.S. alone, with some 4 million stroke survivors living among us. Regaining the ability to walk after stroke is critical if a patient wants to return to leading an independent life at home and enjoying their community again. Unfortunately the process of teaching patients how to walk (i.e. gait-training) is very labor intensive and strenuous on the physical therapists. Gait training is still largely performed manually (it's hard work), often requiring at least 2 personnel (it carries high labor cost), and it puts the therapist at risk of injury (elevating workers' comp insurance costs).

The Solution


The Robotic Leg Advancement Device (R-LAD) is like a power tool in the hands of the therapist, enabling one physical therapist to administer intensive gait-training therapy with little physical exertion or strain, while ensuring safety for both the patient and the therapist. The unique performance of this device is made possible with our CFCM Actuator.

Video 1: Robotic Leg Advancement Device

How does the R-LAD compare to the many wearable exoskeleton products?


The R-LAD is optimized for therapeutic use, and we believe that it out-performs all other products. Some of R-LAD's unique features are:

- Getting in/out is very quick.

- Wheeled base supports patient, prevents falls.

- Highly backdrivable mechanism.  Unhindered motion.

- Automatic, customizable level of assistance.

- Affordable.

Video 2: Fluid Body Motion
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