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Intelligent Force - Controlled Actuator


Linear Actuator

  • Ball Screw

  • BLDC Motor

  • On-Board Force Measurement

  • On-Board Motor Control

  • On-Board Force Control Loop
    • "Factory-tuned"​​

    • No force-control expertise needed

    • No in-field tuning required

  • Position, velocity control ​(external controller)


Force Control:

The actuator is highly controllable and perfectly suited for robotic applications.

Arm Pic.PNG

In the video below, two actuators drive this 2-link long reach manipulator, with a vertical reach of 8 feet and a payload of 10 kg (22 Lbs).

Our arm in action:

Underlying force - control capability enables new kinds of performance, previously unavailable. This robotic arm is truly collaborative, capable of exerting forces or operating under position control, or anywhere in between.

What enables this performance is the Series Elastic Actuator (SEA) technology, originally developed at MIT in the mid-90's. Traditional force-control relies on load cells or strain gauges, which are analog sensors, and the feedback signal is noisy, making it harder to use. Load cells are also expensive and delicate, and their rigidity poses a challenge, necessitating that each force-control system be tuned for the specific application. The SEA technology makes it possible to tune the force-control loop at the factory, so engineers implementing our actuators don't need to know the underlying force-control technology.

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