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2016 Oct - Prototype II of the R-LAD product is delivered to our industrial partner.

2016 Jul - The company receives a grant from the National Science Foundation ($225k - Phase I SBIR) to develop the proof of concept of the Compliant Force Control Module (CFCM) - our original linear Series Elastic Actuator (SEA).

2016 Jun - R-LAD Prototype II is completed.

2016 Feb - AndrosRobotics team competes for $1MM grand prize, and takes 3rd place in the UAE AI & Robotics Award for Good competition in Dubai, with Prototype I of the R-LAD. More info here.

2015 Oct - R-LAD Prototype I is demonstrated at industrial partner's headquarters.

2015 Jan - R-LAD Proof of Concept is complete. The company signs a joint product commercialization deal with a new industrial partner, and receives NSF SBIR Phase IB extension and funding.

2014 Jan - The company receives a grant from the National Science Foundation ($225k - SBIR Phase I) to develop the R-LAD Proof of Concept.

2013 Jun - The Robotic Leg Advancement Device (R-LAD) is invented.

2013 Mar - AndrosRobotics team participates in the NSF I-Corps program, to assess the commercialization potential of technologies at the founders' laboratory at Northeastern University.

2012 Jul - AndrosRobotics LLC is formed as a spin-off from Northeastern University's Biomedical Mechatronics Laboratory.  Company name is derived from one potential product, the Active kNee Rehabilitation Orthotic System - ANdROS - which means 'human' in Greek.

2012 May - AndrosRobotics team begins regular meetings with business mentors of the Health Sciences Entrepreneurs program.

2012 Apr - Maciej Pietrusinski defends his thesis on "The Robotic Gait Rehabilitation Trainer."

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